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leather tailoring waste

In her essay written in the seventies, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross described five different stages of grief processing: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. The work I created is the first piece in a series that depicts the theme of anger.

Anger is actually a self-defense mechanism: its appearance prevents the development of a deeper, more painful emotion. It is often combined with a desire for revenge, which is an attempt to regain strength, to structure chaotic feelings.

Red pigskin that serves as raw material is the tailoring waste that has been accumulating in my workshop for years, which I could neither use nor throw away until now. Their use is part of my artistic concept: it simultaneously symbolizes the attachment to old, unnecessary things, the attraction to the aesthetics of imperfection, and the ability to cognitively reframe. The pattern composed of pieces of skin is individual and personal, as is the complex system of changes taking place in the soul. Each piece was hand cut, then sewn together with machine and hand stitching.

The creative process has therapeutic significance: immersion in slow processes helps to structure time, while finished objects help to put the pain outside and close the stages of mourning.

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